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Keikis Academy, Free Quality Learning Never Was More Easy!.
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Keikis Academy is the effort of a group of people to define free training & learning guided by examples for Students & Professionals in the field of computer science.



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Keikis Academy aims to be a foundation of learning and knowledge focused on technology around cloud, mobility, security, app lifecycle, artificial intelillent, chat bots, etc.  to achieve practical results in a short time, provide us with skills to build software from scratch and offer us architectural details on the assembly and division of responsibilities of the main components and pieces. Strategic analysis is also offered to support business decisions. Finally there is work relative to standards or seeds for future possible reference.

The content that we offer below is completely free, there are two types one oriented to training and other focused on the strategic and definition of architecture or standards.

The training is structured on two levels: basic and advanced for each of the themes.

Current subjects detected and in working are: Android, iOS Swift, Angular, Mobile Architecture, Mobile Strategy and Cloud.

All content is written in English and Spanish (translations work manually in free times), there is also an automatic translation robot for different languages that can occasionally produce inaccuracies.


Courses and articles can go through the following stages until the end of their life cycle:

In Analysis


        In Translation

Finished / Posted  (No Icon)

Each of the contents is assigned an icon that will be shown on the top left corner of each content indicating the state in which the associated article is found (Analyzing -> Writing -> Translating -> Finishing / Posted).

The blog can be used to ask or discuss about issues related to what is exposed on the page in question, the idea is to have the most orderly formations, articles and discussions. To be able to go through each of the stages we need time, effort, dedication and physical resources of storage and computation.

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